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pastebin.ca features

This Pastebin has a number of features, both common and unique. This is a small list of the most popular and interesting ones.

Full Translations into English, French and German

Although the native language of the Pastebin is English, two users have dedicated a lot of time to translating the entire site into French and German.

Fully Integrated Comment System

All pastes can maintain a set of corresponding comments from other users. The comments are shown in a tree structure to assist in following responses to each of the comments.

Comments are also available on a site-wide basis and on other portions of the Pastebin, such as polls.

Integration with Jabber IM

The pastebin can interact with users over Jabber Instant Messaging or MSN, to create posts, retrieve them, and received notifications of new pastes to private bins.


There is an IRC bot sitting in #PBin and #Pastebin on Freenode. It accepts TURL shortening requests and pastes via simple commands.

Custom Pastebin Oriented Search Engine

A specially designed search engine, targetted to the type of content contained within the Pastebin, is provided. It indexes all the posts (including posts set to expire, but still valid). The search services support complex searches using grouping, phrase matching and boolean search terms.

Permanent Archival of Posts

Unless the poster specifies a time for the post to be valid, all the posts are archived. These archives help others find useful pieces of code or problem solutions.

The archives start with the most recent 15 posts on the left sidebar.

Private and Public Sub-Pastebins

Anyone may create a new subdomain of pastebin.ca. By doing so, they may either secure all the pastes with a username and password (and create related sub-users), or create a Pastebin to contain posts related to an ongoing project. In other words, the sub-pastebins are there to allow users to have their own Pastebin without needing to setup anything on their own servers.

The ability also exists to point other domains at the Pastebin, without needing to use a .pastebin.ca sub-domain.

Upload a Paste Feature

Users are able to upload new posts, instead of only being able to paste them into a text box. This feature helps to send larger documents or other local files without having to cut and paste everything.

Graphical Representation of Modifications

As posts are updated, the system tracks the changes in a tree format, allowing users to see the lineage of changes. It also permits viewing the differences between any two pastes in the same tree.

You can also download a raw copy of the differences to apply in a patch to an original file.

Raw Content Downloads

If you need an exact copy of the original paste, you can download the entire content of the paste with the raw content download feature.

Detailed Statistics

Not so much a feature as it is a curiousity. A number of fairly informative (but not useful to anyone but the administration) statistics are available to the public.

RSS Feeds of New Posts and Site News

For those that use the Pastebin a lot, there is an RSS News Feed to keep users up to date on the changes taking place here. For those users that just like to read random posts, there is a Recent Posts RSS Feed.

Also, there are feeds available for all the comment sections, including the ability to subscribe to a specific set of comments with RSS to watch details on a specific post or poll.

Encryption using AES-256-CBC

Full paste encryption with password protection is provided here, as well as SSL connections to protect your data.