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what's this about jabber and MSN?

The Pastebin supports receiving pastes by Jabber (and by proxy, MSN), as well as announcing new pastes to subscribed contacts. You can either fill in the form below to subscribe to the Jabber interface, which will have the server add you to its contact list, or you may simply add a contact through Jabber or MSN to [email protected].

Once you are subscribed to the notifier, you will be able to set your preferences here as to what sorts of notifications you want and default paste parameters.

subscribe through your IM client

You can subscribe through your existing IM client by simply adding the following contact:

Jabber Users:[email protected]
MSN Users:[email protected]

subscribe from this page

You may fill in the form below to have the notifier subscribe to you instead.

Subscription Form
Client You Are Using: Jabber Client
Your IM Contact:
Your Name (optional):

If you fill in this form, and do not get a request immediately for subscription from the Pastebin, double check your contact above.

notification and paste preferences

You can set various default options for dealing with pastes and notifications below. All of these changes take effect immediately. Please note that all settings will be changed when this form is submitted, so make sure they're still valid for what you want.

This form is not yet implemented. Submission will not do anything.

Subscription Form
Client You Are Using: Jabber Client
Your IM Contact:
Expiry of Pastes through Jabber:
Notify Me of All Public Pastes:Yes, notify on all pastes.

unsubscribing from the notifier

You can unsubscribe from the notifier by removing it from your IM list. It will then automatically remove you from its list.

getting your own pastebin.ca jabber account

As another service, you can register to the pastebin.ca Jabber server and create your own account. This is entirely optional. The Jabber server is jabber.pastebin.ca, if your client doesn't support SRV records properly. You may have an account @jabber.pastebin.ca or just @pastebin.ca.