a pastebin project

what exactly is this?

This is a public place to paste things (primarily configurations and source code), but it is really open to pretty much any text format. The idea is to paste large items here when talking online to someone, or even when holding a phone conversation to paste the little things that are hard to explain. For a list of features, see the features page.

Keep in mind that any posts to the public pastebin (https://pastebin.ca/) are considered to be placed into the public domain. So, before posting, remember that you are disclaiming any ownership of the content (it is public, after all). Posts may be moderated by the administration if they contain things that are considered bad taste or form (such as spam). If you require that a post be removed due to posting it by accident (say you forgot to remove a password), let us know as soon as possible. We will never refuse to remove a post if we can determine with reasonable satisfaction that you are the actual poster.

where did it come from?

It is true that this idea is far from an original one, but it is actually 100% written by Stephen Olesen. Though it may look the same, the backend is quite different.

The need to make a new one that was different arose both due to the other optoins forcing certain styles or lacking a variety of styles, as well as slePP wanted a new project. Being an active member of a number of other communities which use different languages, the PHP style didn't always assist the readability of a post. (The actual highlighting code was borrowed from another person, though.)

With extensible formats and new formats not in the borrowed highlighting code, we think that pastebin.ca has a lot to offer users.

i need a paste removed

On the left side of every paste, there is a Remove Paste link. Simply click on this, answer the CAPTCHA, and it will be automatically removed.

it wants a password. why?

We provide virtual pastebins to users (see below). Some of them are private and require a username and password. If you don't have one, you probably ended up there by accident. You will want to go to the main pastebin at https://pastebin.ca/.

can i have the source?

You can if you want (especially the highlighting code). However, it may not be of much use to anyone but ourselves since it is fairly specific to how we do things here. Instead, you may want to request your own subdomain on pastebin.ca which will give you either a private pastebin (viewers need a username and password to look at it and post items) or you can go for just another public pastebin if you have a desire to use it a lot, but want to keep your posts and others' posts to be separate from the primary pastebin.

how do i get a subdomain?

Find slePP somehow and ask, or do it the easy way and go to Get a Pastebin.

who maintains this?

Primarily, the site is maintained and owned by Stephen 'slePP' Olesen. All costs and operational overheads are paid by Stephen, and all programming and service administration is done by Stephen. The domain name was originally paid for by William Suffill. German translation done by Michael "laga" Haas. French translation done by ZeBob.

what if i have problems?

Well, there is not really any support to be given for this site. If you can't figure it out, we're sorry. Maybe you can ask and we'll make some changes to make it easier for people in the future. But, as it stands, there is no support.

If, however, you find a bug, or simply want to request a new feature, let slePP know.


Please note that as this is a public forum which anyone can paste content to, and the administrators are not responsible for the content in any way. By using the Remove Paste link in the menu of any paste, you may remove it automatically. Other requests for removal will be honoured, but beyond that Stephen Olesen assumes no liability.